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Madness Jailbreak is OUT!

2017-10-31 03:50:23 by Viridian

Hiya, Madness JAILBREAK just came out and I was in it! Wowowowowow!

I gotta thank my partner in crime, @SM28 who I worked with for the last few months on.

And thanks to @Jsoull for setting everything up, this collab turned out really swell.


Anyway, Madness stinky I'm gonna work on other stuff! Bye bye !!



lol animation broke

2017-08-14 10:52:21 by Viridian

hey it's me a dead animator

i'm in one of those stinky collabs, stay tuned for that.

nice dude


i make an animation it WILL be sweet stay tuned my friends



hey guys !!!

2016-11-28 17:41:52 by Viridian

Listen up gang, it's your best friend, Viridian.

I'm here to tell you all about this sweet Discord, called the Green Pepper Studios DISCORD!

This DISCORD is choc full of fresh animators, who are ready to spice the madness scene up with their superb ideas.

Link is here.

Also, where have I been? Well, I was in purgatory for a little bit, Simon was holding me down and screaming about Sophie, I don't fucking know what he's on about, but I went riding about on my 2-wheeler.

So yeh, probably still dead, but P3M and Kelzad told me to make a news post so I thought I would so they wouldn't bully me more than they already do.

Anyway, gonna go now, so see you guys on the server and remember, STAY AWESOME!!